The Schengen Portal Is A Practical Guide And Advisor For The Schengen Area.

We target all age groups, EU citizens and non-EU citizens. We can advise and help students who are going to study at European schools, tourists looking for fun or new charming places, as well as citizens and eventually their families who are looking for a new job within the European Union.


About Schengen portal

The Schengen portal will help you to clearly orientate yourself in the necessary administration and EU rules before your trip.

It will explain to you which documents you will need and how to apply for them from the comfort of your home. Here you will find all the necessary links to local authorities in every country, contacts, forms, specifications, safety advice and important tips for you. You can download the Schengen guide in pdf format here. You can get many other useful tips and information on our Schengen blog here.

What we offer

Schengen Guide

Download our free Schengen guide with all the important information about the Schengen area.

Schengen Blog

Check out a special blog with many articles about the Schengen area and lifestyle.

Schengen Insurance

Have a look at a special offers with Visa compliant insurance from trusted companies.

Other Services

Get information about the services you need in Schengen – car rental or accommodation.

Other Services

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